2021 - In this offering of the "Utilitas, Venustas, Firmitas" Core Course in Art, Technolgy, and Design, students developed concepts and projects around the theme "Seeking Resilience".

This Core course (whose title is Latin for “usage, beauty, and stability”) explores how design in influences our life and investigates the fundamentals of “good design.” We take a look at the status quo of the use of design in media, objects, and architecture, and observe its influence on art and technology from past to present. Design tools and processes will be highlighted.

Based on the fusion of readings, study, discussion, and experiences, over the course of the semester students will develop an understanding of how mutually reinforcing and beneficiary a mix of Arts, Design, and Technology can be. Lecture and discussion will help development the design of a bricolage: Every student will realize a product prototype of an Audio-Device to be displayed in an exhibition and a personal philosophy of about Arts, Design, and Technology.