Matthew Karau


في متنزه وادي وريعة الوطني تحلق طائرتنا فوق الجبال ومن خلال الوديان لاسلكيا لتحميل الصور التي التقطتها مصائد الكاميرا الأرضية التي تلتقط تلقائيا صور الحياة البرية التي تمر أمام جهاز استشعار الحركة الكاميرا.

Reef Rover

The reefRover is a submersible drone that autonomously scans marine environments and enables researchers and citizen scientists to collaboratively gather well-structured image data about coral reefs at unprecedented rates.

الدورات المتخذة

2021 – The first remote offering of the Design and Innovation course introduced engineering design and innovation principles to first year engineering students.

In the spring 2021 offering of this Core Course on Art, Technolgy, and Design, students developed concepts around the theme "seeking resilience"

2014 – The NYUAD Engineers for Social Impact program works develop a broad range of analytical and systematic thinking skills in students as they work with communities and consider the home-grown assets that can lead to innovation.


Our list of Engineering-related quotes, for inspiration and reflection.

This is a collection of a number of resources that are useful for students of engineering as well as those curious to connect with the ways that engineers, designers, innovators, and entrepreneurs think and work.

Maps of UAE

Below are a few maps of the UAE that may be of interest to those visting or living in the Emirates.

The catalogue of the Engineering Design Studio library is publicly hosted on Libib.